As part of our extensive renovations of two of our oldest branches, Jayne helped completely redesign our interior spaces.  Fresh, contemporary colors and fabrics brought new life to our branch lobby and offices.  We’ve carried those same colors and fabrics into all of our new locations.  We couldn’t be more pleased with the end result. Jayne was a pleasure to work with and a real professional.

John Fulone Vice-President, Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod

Jayne and I have worked together in several ways, each with great results. As Jayne’s client, I enjoyed her creativity and enthusiasm with wonderful, yet simple, recommendations for changes to my home decor. Jayne has also provided excellent service to my Feng Shui clients in helping them create beautiful solutions based on my assessments; and Jayne and I have also collaborated on projects. In each instance, Jayne was sensitive to what was needed by me or the clients, fun to work with, and packed a lot of ideas into the session that were creative, affordable and easy to implement. Jayne can lift your spirits with her warmth and expertise!

Christine Wojnar, Feng Shui Consultant

Jayne has done some interior design consulting and several home stagings for my Real Estate listings. I rely on her expertise, which is considerable. Staging requires a firm hand and a clear vision in offering suggestions, but a light touch in the delivery of this message. The clients are often reluctant to incorporate Jayne’s suggestions (as it is their ‘home’), but she proceeds confidently and with humor to put them at ease. I have worked with decorators who do not have the ability to listen carefully. Jayne is very intuitive, and really comprehends the client’s concerns and expectations. She will utilize the client’s existing ‘treasures’ to create a fresh look, or create a new look based on input from the client.

Deborah Schilling, Realtor

I hired Jayne to create the interior design space of my office. She worked closely with me to find colors, textures and accessories that reflected my taste, communicated the identity of the business, and worked within a reasonable budget. I had several unsolicited comments from clients and visitors to the work-space about its soothing character and calm professionalism. It no doubt helped me close business. So, aside from creating space I was happy in and proud of, it helped the bottom line.

Bert Jackson, Entrepreneur

Jayne did such a great job with our small loft apartment that we hired her to advise us on colors and design when we moved into a new office. She was fabulous on both projects.

Jennifer Lane, Certified Financial Planner

I have known Jayne for years, and have seen many examples of her work at houses that I have listed. Jayne also recently consulted with one of my client’s on decor for his recent purchase. He was very satisfied with the results of their efforts. Jayne is careful to determine what the clients’ tastes and budget are and works well within these parameters. She is able to give great design advice to make each project unique and special to the individual. She is willing to do small jobs, and is qualified to take on large projects and renovations as well. Jayne is upbeat, spiritual, kind, and professional. I would recommend her in any capacity.

Liz Green, Realtor

Jayne is highly gifted at helping business and homeowners understand how they can create a more attractive and flowing work or home space. My wife and I asked Jayne for color recommendations last year to help redesign our the interior of our home as well as making the home more attractive. Her recommendations were wonderful. I would recommend her to help businesses and homeowners alike to make their spaces more attractive and comfortable.

Warren Rutherford, Residential Client

When we moved into a new home, I went without window treatments for more than a year because I had no idea what to do with so many different sized windows. Jayne met with us, did a walk through the house, and was able to help us figure out what we could put up that would look good and not block the views we loved. Since my husband and I have very different tastes, we were challenging to work with but Jayne’s ability to listen and make clear suggestions made the process fun.

Jane B. Ford, Residential Client

Jayne saved my life many times over the years and improved my surroundings far better than I could ever have done!

Maureen Shea, Residential Client

Jayne is not only creative but frugal. We have more interest in the property since her touches were added. Highly recommended.

Donna Schulze, Realtor

Jayne worked with me on an office suite. I was impressed throughout the process with how well she listened to my needs and my budget concerns. I actually learned a lot from Jayne on color combinations, placements and balance. She is very knowledgeable on how to produce desired outcomes. In fact, my clients never failed to mention the appointments in the reception area and how calm the room made them feel! That made my therapy work so much easier. I subsequently hired Jayne to advise on my next office and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wants all the advantages possible to maximize their business presence.

Bonnie Jackson, Commercial Client

Jayne does a great job working with home sellers and helping them to prepare their homes for sale. It is sometimes difficult to suggest to a seller that the personal touches they have incorporated into their home may have to be removed or adjusted to make their home more attractive to sellers. Jayne is very tactful and successful in the process.

Steve Clay, Realtor