Jayne Pelosi
Interior Design
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Residential Design

My approach to the design process is to determine my client’s vision for their home and translate that into a reality integrating the client’s favorite things with thoughtfully curated acquisitions. Incorporating the principles of Feng Shui, the spaces I design are not only beautiful but will nurture the spiritual, emotional, and physical growth of its inhabitants.
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Staging Design

Did you know that according to Forbes Magazine homes that are Staged garner a 17% higher asking price and sell 87% faster than those that are not Staged? Let us present your home in its most favorable and fabulous light, whether you are still living in it, or have already moved out. From decluttering and refreshing accessories to renting furnishings for an empty home, we will handle all of the details.
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Commercial Design

Whether designing a 100 year old well-loved Cape Cod bank or creating a warm and nurturing hypnotherapy clinic, I present options that will encourage my clients to think beyond their typical boundaries. The décor possibilities presented are designed to attract,  please, and often astonish their own clientele.
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Design Facelift

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