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“Design Facelift”

Our “Design Facelift” provides you with a complete plan for transforming the look and feel of your entire house. Depending on your preference, we can implement the design changes for you, or leave the legwork and labor up to you.

Consultations typically last 2 hours & include the following services:

  • Review of overall décor theme of each room
  • Analysis of functionality of space
  • Color analysis
  • Furniture rearrangement
  • Window treatment recommendations
  • Accessory recommendations
  • Hanging of small artwork

For more information or to give your entire house a “Design Face Lift”, please email or call me at 781.588.5259. 

Price: $399.00

(Call for off-Cape rates)

“One Room Redux”

The scaled-down version of the “Design Face-Lift” package focuses on transforming the look and feel for one room in your home. This service is perfect for people on a budget or those looking to breathe new life into one troublesome room. Consultations vary in duration but include the same services listed above.

For more information on transforming the look and feel of one room in your home, please email or call me at 781.588.5259. 

Price: $225.00

(Call for off-Cape rates)





Without a doubt, homes sell faster and for a higher asking price when they are staged as opposed to being either completely empty, or especially when they are happily cluttered by the current homeowners. We can do one of two things: we can do a One-Time Consultation offering scores of helpful suggestions that you can implement on your own…OR…we can execute the entire Staging Plan and act as General Contractor if additional trades services are recommended.

For more information or to set up a Staging Appointment, please email or call me at 781.588.5259.

Initial Consultation $250.00

Project Oversight: $1500.00 up

(Cape Cod only)

Additional Services

Corporate Consulting

Jayne offers consulting services for companies looking to incorporate design trends and techniques into their consumer marketing or product development strategies. Jayne has helped some of the country’s most recognized companies develop consumer products for household and personal use, including the Hoover Company, Church & Dwight (d/b/a Arm & Hammer), and S.C. Johnson (d/b/a Zip-Loc). Corporate clients receive a basic understanding of the design principles that go into creating a stylish effect with shapes and colors, and which materials and textures fit best with the lifestyles and habits of their target market. As a Consultant, Jayne has provided expert insight into the way consumers will view and judge products, based on how they appear in their packaging, and as aesthetic counterparts to the furnishings of a house.